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The Future of Work:

How BPO Companies are Adapting to the New On-Site Work Dynamic

Thursday, May 19
6 PM - Manila Time (GMT+8)
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Marvin Vinluan
Director, Strategic Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing
Alorica Philippines
Mila Navarro
Social Media Senior
Strategist for Talkpush
Blanche Buhia
BDR at Talkpush

Why Attend?

The onset of the COVID pandemic necessitated a shift from the traditional work model to a remote or hybrid workforce. Companies were forced to implement WFH strategies that relied heavily on their people and technology. Many businesses reported a spike in productivity during this time as the remote model seemed to increase employee job satisfaction.

Now, as countries begin to recover and emerge from the effects of COVID, there are calls for BPOs to return to the on-site work model. How can companies make this transition without alienating their workforce and reducing productivity?

Join us as we tackle this development with other industry experts in our upcoming Recruitment Hackers webinar. Also, discover how BPOs are navigating government policies and adapting to the push for an on-site work model.


Recruitment Hackers Webinar Series

The Recruitment Hackers is a resource hub for talent acquisition visionaries that aims to promote best practices, tools, and opinions on industry trends from top TA leaders. Within the last six years, we’ve built a community of recruitment experts from all over the world who have participated in our events, podcast, social media groups, and monthly newsletters.

This year, we are organizing the Recruitment Hackers Webinar series. It’s a free series of webinars where we invite leading experts each month to talk about different recruitment innovations and trends. It’s a great opportunity for TA professionals to learn alongside colleagues, grow their network, and draw inspiration on how to make recruitment a better space for everyone.

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