Global BPO TA Awards 2021

Global BPO TA Awards 2021

Thanks to all who participated and made this event a success, congratulations to all the winners, see you next year.
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About the Global BPO TA Awards

Hosted by Recruitment Hackers

The Global BPO TA Awards is the first-ever global awards ceremony that celebrates outstanding talent acquisition teams in the business process outsourcing industry from all over the world. We recognize the achievements and excellence brought about by your team’s efforts to better the field of talent acquisition and aim to inspire others to innovate recruitment and break with traditional barriers in the application process.

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Talent Acquisition Superstars of 2021

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BPO companies to look out for

Candidate Experience Champions

  • Concentrix
  • Satellite Office
  • Inspiro
  • TaskUs
  • Sitel Group
  • TOA Global

Best Inclusion Initiative

  • Sitel Group
  • Surgo
  • Probe Group
  • TaskUs

Best Localization Champion

  • Alorica
  • World Connection
  • iContact BPO
  • TaskUs
  • Ibex. Pakistan

Most Inspiring TA Leader

  • Ana Purcell, Sourcing Specialist at Alorica
  • Barimani Roja, Talent Acquisition Manager at Transcom
  • Beatriz Viveros, Recruiting Manager at TaskUs
  • Camille Madriñal, Associate Director of Recruitment at Nezda Technologies Inc.
  • Carla Antonia Montelibano, Senior Recruitment Manager at iQor
  • Elizabeth Anne Cuvin King, Director of Talent Acquisition at Cloudstaff
  • Ernell Carl Ampit, Sourcing Supervisor at Awesome OS
  • Hazel Joyce Camacho, Vice President for Talent Acquisition at Inspiro
  • Jennifer Guevara, Recruiting Manager at TaskUs
  • Jorja Villagarcia, Associate Director Talent Acquisition at TOA Global
  • Lana Morgan, Global Vice President of Talent at TOA Global
  • Leticia Jose, Talent Acquisition Manager at Alorica
  • Lon Hernandez, Talent Acquisition Manager at TOA Global
  • Ma. Anna Rosario Pinaroc, Talent Acquisition Director at Afni Philippines Inc.
  • Neo Makhene, Human and Organizational Development Executive at ELS
  • Nikko Tani, Recruitment Manager at Satellite Office
  • Rina Castillo Parrales, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Webhelp OneLink by Webhelp
  • Syed Fahad Subzwari from ibex. Pakistan
  • Tam Maguad, Sourcing Manager at iQor

Best Virtual Hiring Process

  • Alorica - North America
  • Concentrix - Philippines
  • OneLink by Webhelp - Nicaragua
  • Probe Group - Australia
  • Transcom Worldwide Philippines, Inc.

Best Virtual Career Fair

  • Manulife - Philippines
  • Concentrix - Philippines
  • Quantrics Enterprises, Inc.- Philippines

Best Recruitment Advertising Campaign

  • Afni Inc. - USA
  • Alorica - Dominican Republic
  • Reed Elsevier Philippines
  • Quantrics Enterprises, Inc.- Philippines
  • TaskUs - Philippines

Best Use of Intelligent Interfaces

  • PSG Global Solutions - Philippines
  • Quantrics Enterprises, Inc. - Philippines
  • Shearwater Health Advisors, Inc. - Philippines
  • TaskUs - Philippines

Panel of Judges

TA Professionals and Influencers to impress

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Award Categories

Global Awards

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Domestic Awards

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Important dates to remember

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Nomination Period Now

Closes November 15

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November 22

Announcement of Finalists
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Awards Ceremony

December 9


Guidelines and other things to note

What’s the difference between Global and Domestic Awards?
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Our awards are divided into domestic and global categories to give regional TA teams a chance to showcase their talent, and to recognize global employers who are rolling out company-wide recruitment initiatives. Thus, the domestic categories only apply to local recruitment efforts focused on a specific region, while the global categories aim to recognize central strategies that apply to a variety of geographies.

Who is eligible to enter?
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Anyone can enter so long they are from the BPO industry, and have the proper documentation that proves that the HR initiative either began, had recent improvement, or was completed 12 months prior to the opening of the nominations (October 1).

Does the entry have to be in English?
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We require all entries to be in English as they will be reviewed by our English-speaking judges. However, if some of your supporting documents are in a different language, please do take the time to walk us through your work in English.

Do I have to pay for anything?
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Nope, nominating is absolutely free! We do not collect any form of payment both from the nominees and attendees of the event.

Who’s contact info should be listed in the entry form?
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The listed contact information will be used for all updates regarding your entry. Thus, it is advisable to include a secondary contact person in case we are unable to reach you.

Can I submit the same company in multiple categories?
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Yes! We allow multiple categories for the same company so long you can provide the supporting documents to properly back your entry for each category.

Which parts of my entry will be made public?
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Rest assured that sensitive information will be kept private. Only those that are readily available on social media and your websites will be publicly used. This includes but is not limited to online recruitment campaigns and metrics you share with us of amazing results.

How are the winners selected?
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Winners will be selected from the pool of finalists by our five judges composed of experienced Talent Acquisition professionals and influencers.

How will the public vote for the People’s Choice Award be conducted?
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We’ll be running a social media campaign two weeks before the event so people can vote for the winner right there on social media.

How will the winners be announced?
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Winners will be announced live during the event so best to invite your team to come and join the awards ceremony.

What will I get if my company wins an award?
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Being a recipient of an award comes with great prestige and recognition of the outstanding achievement of the talent acquisition team. As a symbol of excellence, all winners of the Global BPO TA Awards will receive a plaque and a badge that they can display on their websites. They will also receive the opportunity to be featured by our media partners.

What can I expect during the event ceremony?
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The first-ever Global BPO TA Awards will gather some of the biggest companies in the BPO industry from all over the world to recognize excellence and achievement in the talent acquisition field. Due to limitations by the pandemic, the ceremony will be held online, allowing the opportunity for anyone to join the celebration in the comforts of their home.

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External support that made this event possible

About Us

The Recruitment Hackers

The Recruitment Hackers is a global community of talent acquisition visionaries that aims to promote best practices, tools, and opinions on industry trends from top TA leaders. Within the past six years, we’ve built a community of recruitment experts across different mediums—from events, podcast, social media groups, and an email newsletter.

This year, for the first time ever, Recruitment Hackers is hosting an awards ceremony to recognize the advancement that the BPO industry has made in the field of recruitment. It is an opportunity to learn and develop as professionals alongside your colleagues, to grow your network, and to draw inspiration from others on how to make your work easier and better.