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Meet our host

Max is a serial entrepreneur, RPA nerd, and now podcast host. He’s the CEO of Talkpush and cares deeply about making recruitment candidate-centric.

Max Armbruster, CEO

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September 20, 2022
James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd
Could sugarcoated job descriptions be impacting your recruitment efforts?

In this podcast episode, Max and James Ellis of Employer Brand Labs debate the impact of application volumes on recruitment efforts. Listen as they tackle how factors like job descriptions and much more can make or mar the volume and quality of candidates that apply for your vacancies.

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August 18, 2022
Vanessa Raath, Global Talent Sourcing Trainer
How far is too far when setting the bait to attract passive candidates?

In this podcast episode, Max and Global Talent Sourcing Trainer, Vanessa Raath explore non-traditional techniques for finding and hiring the right tech and non-tech candidates. Listen as they discuss tips for attracting unsuspecting talents and activating passive candidates.

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August 6, 2022
Steven Rothberg, Founder of College Recruiter
The New Economics of College Recruiting

In this podcast episode, Max sits down with the Founder of College Recruiter, Steven Rothberg, to discuss the evolution of college recruiting and how job boards and other technology-based solutions are making hiring college students and grads easier.

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July 19, 2022
Peter Weddle, CEO of TAtech
The Role of Technology in Recruitment and Here’s What You Can Do About It

In this podcast episode, Max shares insights with the CEO of TAtech, Peter Weddle, about how technology shapes the future of recruitment. According to Peter, recruiters need to learn how to leverage the advantages of technology in recruitment and constantly be aware of what’s out there.

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June 7, 2022
Tim Freestone, Alooba Founder
What Recruiters Should Know About Hiring Data Professionals

In this podcast episode, Max learns from Alooba Founder, Tim Freestone, how to effectively hire data professionals. According to Tim, CV screening is not enough and there is definitely a simple and more objective way to screen candidates.

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May 10, 2022
Cynthia Owyoung, author of the book "All Are Welcome: How to Build a Real Workplace Culture of Inclusion that Delivers Results"
Incorporating Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment

In this podcast episode, Max learns about diversity and inclusion in recruitment from Cynthia Owyoung, author of the book "All Are Welcome: How to Build a Real Workplace Culture of Inclusion that Delivers Results". According to Cynthia, you don’t need to be a big corporation to incorporate diversity and inclusion in recruitment. Find out in this episode why diversity and inclusion are a must for every company that is aiming for a competitive advantage.

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