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Meet our host

Max is a serial entrepreneur, RPA nerd, and now podcast host. He’s the CEO of Talkpush and cares deeply about making recruitment candidate-centric.

Max Armbruster, CEO

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September 22, 2021
Kelly Van Nelson, Managing Director at Adecco Australia
Upscaling and Rescaling: Optimizing TA with Kelly Van Nelson from Adecco

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Managing Director at Adecco Australia, Kelly Van Nelson, talks about the huge surges and dips in a variety of industries — and how Adecco adapted their recruitment process to fit the demands and keep their talent employed. She also explains a new method of hiring, which focuses more on culture fit rather than large numbers (even in high volume environments) resulting in a more efficient workforce.

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September 17, 2021
Dorothy Dalton, Talent Management Strategist
Cultural Transformation: Gender Balance, Diversity and Inclusion with Dorothy Dalton

Dorothy Dalton, Talent Management Strategist, talks about “radical empathy” with candidates, opening the campaign way for rich and honest conversations with potential talent. She also goes into differences between the U.S and Europe when it comes to equality in the workplace and the recruiting process.

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September 10, 2021
Carolina Vargas, Regional Head of Customer Success at Talkpush
The Candidate Experience in the LATAM Market

Latin America is a huge talent market with a vast array of cultures and expectations. In this episode Head of Customer Success, Carolina Vargas, goes into the differences in candidate behavior in Latin America, and how recruiting teams can engage with talent in multiple countries. From all the job boards available (which are very localized) to employer branding techniques and paid media, there’s much diversity to account for while scouting talent.

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August 25, 2021
Ashleigh Anderson, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Credit Karma
Recruiting as Internal Matchmaking with Ashleigh Anderson from Credit Karma

During the pandemic, Credit Karma took a people over profit approach and managed to retain all their employees. VP of Global Talent Acquisition, Ashleigh Anderson, goes into how they managed to do it, with the TA team at the helm, finding internal opportunities to move people around company departments in jobs they were a natural fit for. Plus, leaning down their recruiting team opened up opportunities for automation and new tech solutions.

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August 27, 2021
Jared Hummel, President at Parqa Digital Marketing Agency
The World of Digital Recruitment Marketing with Jared Hummel from Parqa

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Jared Hummel, President at Parqa Digital Marketing Agency. Jared talks about the importance of investing long-term in SEO, websites, social media, and other marketing tools for staffing agencies. A million dollars can go much further on automation and related services, than hiring 10 new recruiters.

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August 27, 2021
Robin Linn - Activision Blizzard
From the Creators of Call of Duty: Creative Recruiting

In this podcast episode, Max interviews Robin Linn, Senior Director for Creative Recruiting at Activision Blizzard (the video game company responsible for World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and many more!) Far from the world of high volume recruitment, Robin deals with extremely small talent pools, we’re talking like 70 people worldwide. The relationships and intimate process involved is fascinating.

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