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The Recruitment
Hackers Podcast

The world is speeding up and the best Talent Acquisition professionals are always looking for “hacks”, and smart shortcuts to help them achieve the best results in the least amount of time. Every week, Max interviews a Talent Acquisition leader to cover topics ranging from recruitment automation to the art of interviewing, to adapting your approach to new talent markets. Recruitment is sales, a competitive world where some employers win at the expense of others.

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Meet our host

Max is the Founder and CEO of Talkpush, a leading recruitment technology vendor. Max has over 20 years of experience in recruitment, initially as a practitioner, personally interviewing thousands of candidates, later on building new tools to help his own practice and finally building TA technology for other businesses to use. Max loves to reflect on past lessons and future scenarios and invites his guests to imagine what the future of recruitment will look like.

Max Armbruster, CEO

Latest episode

Matt Lerner

Recruiting in High-Speed Environments: Lessons from the Startup Trenches

In this special episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, our host Max conducts an insightful conversation with his sister, Rafaela Armbruster, who works as an Admissions Coordinator at UCL. The unique angle of this episode revolves around the parallels drawn between job recruitment and student admissions, both involving evaluating young talents.

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